Properly written and well-structured technical manuals TM are essential for the effective fielding of equipment systems.  To meet strict military requirements and standards, TM developers must rigorously follow detailed processes that incorporate many areas of logistics and engineering.  L2 Defense has developed and delivered dozens of military compliant technical manuals for a myriad of equipment systems across multiple industries. Our primary technical manual development software tool is Abortext Editor/Styler, with which we use to develop XML source files and publish TM content. Specific L2 Defense TM Development offerings include:

  • ML-STD compliant Operator, Field, and Sustainment/Depot Level Technical Manuals
  • XML source files published using Document Type Definitions (DTD) and style sheets
  • Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM) that feature 3D artwork and interactive animations
  • Technical Manual Validation and Verification planning and execution support