A Full Scale Exercise (FSE) is the most complex type of practical training exercise for emergency operations.  FSEs are multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional, multi-organizational exercises that validate many facets of preparedness. They focus on analyzing and implementing the plans, policies, procedures, and cooperative agreements that were previously developed and honed in discussion-based table top exercises and in smaller, operations-based practical exercises.

In FSEs, the reality of emergency operations in multiple functional areas presents complex and realistic problems that require critical thinking, rapid problem solving, and effective responses by the personnel being trained and evaluated. This also challenges the coordinators of the FSE, requiring them to be proactive, flexible, and extremely knowledgeable on both the training scenarios and the real life emergency possibilities.

During FSEs, coordinators project events through scripted exercise scenarios with built-in flexibility to allow continuous updates to drive exercise activity.  FSEs are conducted in real time, creating a stressful, time-constrained environment that closely mirrors real events. The level of support needed to conduct an FSE is greater than that needed to conduct other types of exercises.

L2 Defense is a leader in All-Hazards exercise support and has conducted dozens of full scale exercises of various personnel sizes for First Responder, Emergency Management, Private Sector, and Military organizations. L2 Defense has a proven history of designing Emergency Management Full-Scale Functional Exercises that incorporate multiple stakeholders in realistic scenarios. These scenarios can test and evaluate the effectiveness of your All-Hazards disaster preparedness and response plans. Exercises can be done at your location, a governmental jurisdiction, or one of our training venues/locations.