L2 Defense has multiple Mobile Incident Command Units (MICU) that are fully equipped for any Type 1, 2, or 3 Incident. These are turn key solutions, fully self contained with rest rooms/showers, heat & air conditioning, sleeping areas, kitchens, and generators.  The command section has computers, satellite TV, satellite communications, cell phone repeaters, VOIP phones, and on-site radio communications. Incident management is accomplished through a computer suite with incident management software, and full publication capability for printing of Incident Action Plans.

Our MICUs can be delivered to any incident site in the eastern half of the United States with very short notice The units contain water, fuel, and supplies for 120 hours of continuous operations without servicing. Additionally, the units can be serviced on-site for continuous uninterrupted operations indefinitely. We frequently use our MICUs as training assets, employing them as an integral component of our large scale functional training exercises.

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