L2 Defense has built Structural Collapse training venues/props at more then a dozen locations around the country.  These training venues/props are of adequate size and complexity to allow multiple training venues and challenging exercise operations to occur simultaneously.  Our Team designs and constructs the props to create the appearance of “real world” collapse structures that will allow participating personnel and Units to acquire and practice the required knowledge, skills, and abilities of their assigned position.  Our structural collapse props are designed and built to appropriately challenge the participants, and allow them to safely safe train and sharpen their skills in responding to real world disasters.

The starting point for our construction is 1,000 tons of rubble used to construct the venue(s).  At our venues, participants deal with the unique challenges associated with many types of building materials commonly found at a man made and natural disaster sites involving buildings that have collapsed. Within the venue, our staff strategically places specific team and individual skill stations that are in sync with the objectives of both the basic and advanced Search and Extraction courses. Examples of these skill stations include airbag operations, cutting torch operations, shoring, and breaching all types of construction (wood, metal, concrete, and drywall / plywood).

Props are be developed to allow for continuous 24-hour operations if required by the planned exercise objectives. The venues are also designed to allow for exercise accelerations and deceleration to enable all objectives to be met within a specific timeframe. These course speed adjustments are made by the exercise controllers, without the exercise participants’ knowledge.

L2 Defense will build a training prop to meet your needs that will ensure the safety of participants while providing realistic and simulated structural collapse conditions. The design and construction of the props will facilitate safe and timely resets of appropriate materials for uninterrupted training and exercise conduct.