In addition to our mobile command and control units, L2 Defense maintains an inventory of training equipment and supplies for use during training exercises and demonstration events.  We often provide these items to clients as part of our training offering, but can also provide them as separate stand alone deliverables. Our more common training equipment offered are listed below.

Urban Search and Rescue Equipment – L2 Defense has the capability of supporting training and response operations in the areas of Rope, Confined Space, Structural Collapse, Swift Water, Vehicle Machinery, and Trench Rescue with specialized equipment caches that are configured for rapid deployment from location to location as required.

Interactive Medical Simulation Mannequin – We offer realistic and engaging scenario-based medical simulation training that will evaluate the participants critical thinking and clinical decision-making ability via interactive Patient Simulator mannequins.  We conduct this training wherever and whenever your training will be most efficient and realistic. L2 Defense’s interactive Patient Simulators inject a greater realism into scenario based training.

Realistic Training Mannequins – L2 Defense has more than two hundred ruggedized, durable, training mannequins that are ideal for extrication, structural collapse rescue, and mass casualty decontamination exercises.  They can also be utilized to mimic non-ambulatory victims that are in need of evacuation via backboards or stretchers. They are properly human sized and feature realistic articulating limbs allowing for cervical collars, splints, and  other emergency medical procedures. A trauma module set can be added to any of the adult mannequins for trauma life support and lifesaving first aid scenarios.

CBRN Defense Equipment and Consumables – L2 Defense has assembled and delivered CBRN training kits to the U.S. Military for use in CBRN defense training exercises and instruction.  Working with our network of CBRN equipment and supply providers, we are able to quickly procure, kit, and deliver comprehensive training sets to meet a variety of capability needs.  Along with consumable supplies such as training suits, sensor elements, and decontamination supplies, we maintain an inventory of CBRN sensors and gear to augment military unit assets for training exercises.  These supplies can be purchased or rented by our clients as needed.

Training Exercise Logistical Support – L2 Defense’s staff of logistics support and supply chain experts can provide large training exercises with continuous on-site resupply as required.  We frequently supply First Responder and Military training exercises with

heavy equipment, power tools, lumber, concrete, and various other construction related supplies.  We also have an extensive nationwide network of suppliers who allow us to rapidly provide clients with operable ambulances (for role playing), wrecked vehicles (for vehicle extraction exercises), and other unique items required to support training operations.